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If you are looking for all natural herbal remedies you have come to the right place!

Each one of our products are environmentally friendly and all hand-made using only certified Organic herbs and oils.

Forget about using all those harsh chemical products that your body does not need.

Blue Iris Botanicals carries everything you’ll need to live the natural life you’ve always dreamed of!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I just have to tell you how much of a difference this essence has made for my older dog. I requested this essence specifically for her and she breaths easier and her seizures are very minimal since I have been adding this into her water dish. I shared my second vial with my high Priestess and she in turn shared half of what I gave her to another ^^. So the word has been spreading about this fabulous essence, I so greatly appreciate that you made this specifically to her needs. Miss Peggy turned 16 years old last month and I have to say part of that is due to your essence helping her to be here longer with us.  Thank you so much!


I will never buy another lotion in a commercial store again! I am absolutely obsessed with the Rose scent that I almost go thru an entire bottle of lotion a week and it’s so soft and smooth.


I’m using you to fill my stockings this year! And for baby wash, he’s delicate, I trust you the most!


I started taking Solomon’s Seal and let me tell you, my skin has changed dramatically! I am almost 60 and these drops have made my skin so soft. Thank you!


I’ve been using my goats milk soap for a few days now…I don’t think I’ll ever be ashy again! This stuff is better than any soap or body wash I’ve ever used, thank you so much!!


…keep up the great work!